Bee Products

Bees are an invaluable treasure for nature. They not only provide sweet and golden honey but also a range of valuable active ingredients such as: beeswax, pollen, royal jelly, propolis. All of these elements are known as hive products.

The hive's natural products are an ideal complement to Aloe Vera and play a vital role in the well-being and a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

We are more likely to prefer natural products to drugs to relieve minor injuries or cure minor diseases. If you are looking for simple and healthy remedies, be aware that the hive is a gold mine!

Indeed, the industrious bees manufacture, without knowing it, excellent products for us, humans. This tip lists the main "must-have" of the hive.

However, the use of bee products, whose virtues are no longer to demonstrate, is unlikely to affect your body, and even has a lot of chances to please him.




    FOREVER bee honey is a pure, natural product of superior quality. Forever bee honey is distinguished by its origin: the desert highlands of ARIZONA, and its aromas. It is a multi-flower honey (Honeys take the healing properties of plants on which bees have foraged.) Which tastes good and does not give a heartburn. It comes from the desert hives of Sonora Arizona, one of the few places on the planet that does not suffer from pollution.  



    Forever bee pollen comes from flowers growing in desert areas at high altitude. This guarantees a natural, fresh and powerful product. Bees make a very selective collection of pollen taken from the flowers on remote semi-desert plateaus. It is the male seed of flowering plants to which bees add enzymes for digestion. Pollen nutrients are easy to digest and the body easily assimilates them. It is therefore a natural and very nourishing product.

    Forever Bee Pollen is obtained in patented stainless steel collectors. It is the most hygienic way to obtain a purely natural food containing essential nutrients.



    Royal Jelly is produced by nurse bees. It is a product of superior quality for health.

    Royal jelly or royal jelly is collected on semi-desert, arid and remote plateaux, where almost primitive circumstances are the ideal environment for our hives. It is a secretion of the jugular glands of the honey bee. This super food of the bees is a mixture of enzymes and is only intended for the consumption of bees destined to be queen one day. She lays 2000 to 2500 eggs a day, she lives more than 6 years. The workers, who eat ordinary honey, live only 4 to 6 weeks. Royal Jelly is the exclusive food of the queen throughout her productive life. The large amount of vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) is important, because any cell in our body depends on vitamin B5.



    Propolis is a purely natural product. It contains a protective substance that bees harvest and use themselves to keep a hive clean, healthy and free of bacteria.

    Propolis is a resinous substance, gummy and balsamic, of viscous consistency, collected on certain parts (mainly buds and barks) of the plants (pine, fir, spruce, poplar, alder, willow, horse chestnut, birch, plum tree, oak , ...) by the bees who bring it back to the hive to modify it by the contribution of their own secretions. Inside the hive, propolis plays a mechanical role (cement to seal cracks and fix the wax rays, varnish walls, etc.) and especially a bactericidal and fungicidal role, thus preserving the bees vis-à- screw microscopic bacteria and fungi. On average, between 100 and 300 g of propolis are harvested per hive per year.

    Forever Bee Propolis is collected on the semi-desert, polluted airless plateaus of the Sonoran Desert in Arizona. To ensure purity, patented Bee Propolis collectors are used. It is a natural product without the addition of preservatives, dyes or artificial flavorings. Forever Bee Propolis is more than a miraculous antibiotic with healing powers. It is also a natural food full of valuable nutrients.